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BOOK: "A Tropical Conservation Story"

In this book, I explore the four protected areas managed by the Tropical Science Center, including the world famous Monteverde Reserve. Through the pages of the book, I show the unique biodiversity that these reserves protect, highlighting not only interesting facts about the flora and fauna, but also providing information on how local and global communities depend on the multiple benefits these ecosystems provide to human well-being.

A core idea of this book is to also tell the stories of the amazing people that have dedicated their lives to protect this natural treasure in Costa Rica, including the stories of scientists, natural guides, farmers and local entrepreneurs who benefit from ecotourism. 

If you want to buy it, please contact me and we'll make the arrangements to send you this unique book. All earnings will be dedicated to support the conservation efforts of the Tropical Science Center to protect and restore the forests of Costa Rica.

Here you can see some of the photographs you will find in the book, which I took by walking hundreds of kilometers in each protected area, this is the testimony of one of the greatest adventures of my life.

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