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I have a PhD in Ecological Economics from the Australian National University, a Master of Science in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health from the University of Edinburgh, a master’s degree in Environmental Management from the Interamerican University of Costa Rica, and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Latin University of Costa Rica.


I have been an international consultant and speaker for over a decade in topics related to natural capital valuation, green and blue economy, financial mechanisms for conservation, environmental policy design, climate change, and environmental management, among others.  I also have the fortune of collaborating with various global initiatives, such as the Intergovernmental Science‑Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) where I am a lead author for the America’s assessment, and author of the assessment on the multiple values of nature; I am the chair for Costa Rica of the Ecosystem Services Partnership as well as a member of the Steering Committee of this institution, and I am a member of the IUCN thematic group on ecosystem services from the Commission of Ecosystem Management.


Beyond the scientific world, I have also pursued my dream to become a conservation photographer dedicated to communicate science through this wonderful art.


Here you can download my full CV in English and Spanish.


Over the last decade, I've had the wonderful opportunity to conduct research all over the world for a wide variety of clients carefully selected for this work on nature conservation and restoration.

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